Monday, August 11, 2008

I'm a North West Stone Artist designing and shaping amazing natural stone sinks, rain drain columns, and other various natural stone products for the home and spa.  I started my idea of natural stone sinks in 2003 when i was at a stone quarry looking for a natural basalt slab (not granite) to put a sink on, when i saw some amazing raw boulders, and thought of using them for for what i do now, natural stone sinks.  My stone sinks are something to be noticed and incorporated more into bathrooms and homes.  There are many company's using green products and what could be more green than a natural stone sink that was made from the earth and brought into to a home. The way i see it is a wow that's beautiful.  I'm bringing the outdoors in using what has been here before time.  Thank You and please view my Natural Stone Living at

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